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Extra, extra . . . extraordinary

January 23, 2010

Remember in the old movies there would sometimes be a newspaper boy standing on a street corner hawking the newspaper, “Extra! Extra! Read all about it!”  This meant something special had happened – something out of the ordinary. This was special news!  It was extraordinary news.

Well, just like the little newsboy, I want to tell everybody about my day!

I never know when an ordinary day will become extraordinary. Today was one of those days; just a routine day, going to the nursing home to visit hospice patients. I wasn’t expecting it to be anything special.  It turned out to be a day I don’t want to forget!

I have a new client who loves for me to play the piano. For her privacy, I’ll call her Fran. Fran was in the dining room; had refused her meal except for desert and she wanted me to play the piano. So, I did. I played hymns. Several other people in the dining room responded to the music with clapping and thanking me. There was a man sitting behind me in his geri-chair (sort of a special recliner on wheels) and he kept saying, “That is beautiful!” I turned to see who the man was, and it was a fellow who is usually yelling “I want another ice cream bar,” while pounding his spoon or his fist on the table. Well, let me tell you, that is the nicest thing to come out of his mouth. It’s usually cursing. But not one curse word came out of his mouth while I played the piano. No yelling. No pounding the table with utensils or his fist. I played about 20 minutes. He thanked me so graciously and told me how much he enjoyed it. I was amazed at the change in him.

Back to my new client. Fran was tired and needed to go to her room. I waited until she had been put in her bed, then went in and asked if she felt like visiting.  She did.  Fran is on oxygen, so after a little small talk and some life review (talking about her life or family) she said I needed to do the talking, as it was too hard for her to talk and breathe. I talked a little bit, then decided to sing.

Oh, how I love Jesus. Oh, how I love Je-sus. Oh, how I love Jesus, because he first loved me.

There is a name I love to hear

I love to sing its worth

It sounds like music in mine ear

The sweetest name on earth.

She said it was beautiful, so I continued to sing the verses I knew. I had a great audience. She wanted me to sing! And so the songs came. If I could not remember a word or phrase, she would help me with the words.  Songs came to mind:

If the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead dwells in you

Face to Face with Christ my Savior

Amazing Grace

Jesus, I love you. Jesus, I adore you.

And, then Fran requested:

Tell me the story of Jesus

I wasn’t singing for her entertainment. I was singing as worship to the Lord and to bless and comfort her as well. She could not sing, though she did try to sing a few words to “Oh, How I Love Jesus.” But worship was happening in that small room. After a song we would be praising God and thanking him for his love.

Fran asked me to sing songs made famous by George Beverly Shea that he had sung for Billy Graham Crusades…

How Great Thou Art

Oh Lord my God

When I in awesome wonder

Consider all the worlds your hands have made

I see the stars; I hear the rolling thunder

Thy power throughout

the universe displayed.

Then sings my soul, my savior God to thee;

How great thou art;

How great thou art.

Then sings my soul, my savior God to thee;

How great thou art,

How great thou art.

* *

The Love of God

Oh Love of God

How rich and pure

How measureless and strong

It shall forevermore endure

The saints and angels song.”

There were more songs. I can’t recall them all right now. But each word came from deep in my heart and I could feel the spirit of the Lord as I sang.

Fran kept saying, that is so beautiful. And between songs, we worshiped the Lord. It was one of the most wonderful worship events I have ever experienced. I would not have been surprised if the Lord had come to get her during that time of praise and adoration.

Suddenly, Fran raised up and asked, “Where are we?”

Without thinking, I said, “In the nursing home.”

“It is so beautiful here! Everything is so beautiful!”

Then I began to realize that she might have been seeing beyond the veil. I asked, “What do you see?”

“I can’t describe it. It is so beautiful. This is so lovely.” She was radiantly smiling, as she looked around the room, seeing things I could not see. Oh, how I wished I could see what she was seeing!

She leaned back into her pillow. Then just as suddenly she turned to me and asked, “What are you doing here?”

“I’m visiting you,” I responded.

“Why?” she asked.

“Because I am your friend.”

“When did I know you? Where did we meet?”

“I met you here.”

Then as if something switched inside her mind, she seemed to recognize me and started talking about how much she enjoyed my visit and my singing. I said, I enjoyed it too.

“The three of us had a very good time,” she said. Then Fran quoted, “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” Jesus said that in Matthew 18:20.

Yes, indeed, the three of us. Jesus promised. He was there. I was and am so greatly blessed! Fran was greatly blessed and I believe she saw visions of heaven.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for turning an ordinary day into a day when my heart was full and I felt your presence – a very extra-ordinary day!

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I Wonder What Happened When Momma Went To Heaven?

December 31, 2009

I wonder what happened when Momma went to heaven?  As the song writer wrote, “I Can Only Imagine,” I can truly only imagine.  What was it like when she saw Jesus face to face?  As the beautiful and mellow, alto voice of Susan Russell sang Momma’s favorite song at her funeral, my mind did some imagining.

“Face to face with Christ my Savior,

Face to face – what will it be –

When with rapture I behold Him,

Jesus Christ who died for me?

What rejoicing in His presence,

When are banished grief and pain;

When the crooked ways are straightened,

And the dark things shall be plain.

Face to face! O blissful moment!

Face to face – to see and know;

Face to face with my Redeemer,

Jesus Christ who loves me so.


Face to face I shall behold Him,

Far beyond the starry sky;

Face to face in all His glory,

I shall see Him by and by.

by Mrs. Frank A. Breck

To come face to face with her Redeemer, Jesus Christ who loves her so!  To know the fulness of His love. To be in that loving Presence forever.  How awesome that would be!  I can only imagine.

I can imagine Momma (I’m the only one that sometimes called her Momma) arriving in heaven seeing flowers and beauty that cannot be described in human terms. Perhaps she felt a little fear at meeting her LORD and Savior for the first time face to face, but I can imagine open arms enveloping her with love, saying, “Welcome home, my daughter, my faithful servant. You have done well.”

I can see in my mind’s eye, my mother experiencing love greater than she has ever known before.  Total acceptance. All fear washed away. All concern about her appearance vanished in the overwhelming love of Jesus.

I can imagine Momma looking down and seeing her beautiful white robe.  Did Momma reach up and feel thick hair? What color was it? What was the length?  No more wigs for Momma!  I can see those legs that have not carried her weight in many years dancing with joy; arms raised in praise to her God.  Oh, what a day I can imagine!

During my mother’s last years her mind slowly was taken away by dementia.  One of her friends, a minister, Rev. Jack Corry, a widower himself and a friend of the family would call her and say, “Daisy, I’m going to be preaching next week. I need your prayers.”  And Momma would pray!  Then after the meeting was over,  Jack would call Momma and tell her just how her prayers were answered.

One day Jack had called Momma after her conversations had become somewhat muddled and confused.  “Daisy, I need you to pray.”  Momma promised to pray.  And then Momma told me what happened next. She lay in her bed at the facility where she resided and asked Jesus to show her how to pray for her friend, Brother Jack. Momma was lying on her side and she said she felt Jesus’ arms go around her and she felt Him holding her close in His loving presence. She said that Jesus made her mind clear, and He gave her the words to say, so she could pray for Jack.  She told me that Mr. Corry called later and said there had been a mighty answer to prayer.

The last words any family member heard her say, My sister had stopped by mother’s room in the nursing home, explaining to Momma that my sister’s husband, Binion, was not well and had been placed in the same nursing home as our momma.  Now, Momma usually did not recognize her own children when they visited. But that day there was a window of clarity.  Momma said, “Well, we need to pray for him, don’t we?”  And then Momma prayed . . . for Binion . . .  by name.  My sister, Gwen, was so touched by Mother’s sweet and precious prayer.  Somehow, when my Mother communicated with the Lord, He would give her clarity of mind so that she could pray. Of course, the Lord always understood her thoughts however muddled they may be, but He would cause her to pray so that we could understand her too.  The results were always amazing.

I’m seeing Momma with that joyous smile, those twinkling eyes, and a clear mind looking at Jesus!

In loving memory of Daisy Moon 1917-2009

Remember to keep the porch light on in heaven, Momma, for your children will be coming home some day.

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Does Jesus like Brownies?

November 22, 2009

Among the churchy crowd, I’m known as the brownie lady.  Folks really dig my brownies as the most delicious, scrumptious, chocolaty and yummy concoctions they have every put in their mouths (well, maybe not that good, but good). They long for my secret recipe.  Well, the truth is . . . the secret recipe is a box of restaurant style brownie mix.    Now, I will no longer be held in high esteem – as the truth about my baking skills has been exposed.

Today my goal was to help serve Thanksgiving Dinner to the homeless downtown.  I was going to contribute my killer-delicious brownies.  But I hadn’t had a chance to get the secret mix.  So Thursday night, I’m at walmart looking for brownie mix that might somehow resemble my honorable brownies.   Nope.  Not a chance.  But *name brand* had family size brownie mix on sale.  I bought five boxes.

Last night I discover I’m out of eggs. When I start to the store for eggs, I discover something under my windshield wiper.  A parking ticket  – a $150 fine!  Oh, NO!  I had parked in a handicap zone and did not have my plaque displayed.

Back home. With my mind on the $150 fine, I forgot to oil the bottom of the cake pans.  I set the timer, then forgot to turn the timer on.

Sometime later – I check the timer – it is not on.  I estimate it has been five minutes.  Obviously I’m not a good estimater.   Is there such a word as estimater?   I don’t know.  What I do know is that the brownies were cemented to the pans and I broke a plastic knife trying to loosen the edges.  I scratched the non-stick coating trying to dig out those brownie tiles.  I am wondering what a brown tile border would look like in the bathroom. Could you knock off a stray dog with one of these things?

I am praying that no one breaks a tooth on Saturday trying to eat one of these brownie tiles.

I tasted one of the brownies.  It had a slight fishy taste to it.  Oh my!  This is just awful!

Delicious, scrumptious, moist and heavenly these brownies were NOT!

The old me, the perfectionist, would  have thrown out the brownies, had a good cry, and probably would have been up all night cooking brownies from scratch from a recipe from a 1955 cookbook.  Did they have brownies back in 1955?  I dont’ know. But most folks didn’t use cake mixes.

Okay, closer to the truth would be that the old me would have thrown out the brownies, had a good cry, and given up.  Just decide that I could not go help the homeless because I was not perfect enough.

But, the new me, the free me, washed up the pans and the bowl and made some more brownies with the mixes I had bought – paying special attention to greasing the pans and making sure I turned on the timer.  And tried not to think about the$150 fine.

While they were cooking I was chating online with Skateboard Man (one of my favorite people) and suddenly the phone I had on top of the books on the top shelf of my desk fell.  The handset hit me in the head. The base knocked over a bowl of peanut hulls where I was happily depositing hulls as I noshed on roasted peanuts.  The phone base, the handset, and the bowl and all those hulls were all on the floor, littering my carpet!  And then the phone rang!

Dragon Slayer called to see how I was doing.  I said I was aggravated with myself, and told him about my brownies, the crash in the office with the phone and the peanuts, and the mess on the carpet, and the $150 fine!  And then . . . and then I started laughing.

As always, Dragon Slayer soothes the soul by saying I could talk to city hall and explain that I was qualified to park in the handicap, I just forgot to put my handicap plaque on my mirror.  And he thought my brownies were going to be just fine!  Because they were made with love!

After the call I thought about why I was making those brownies. And who those brownies were for – the homeless.  Jesus had said that when we give water to the thirsty, or feed the homeless, or clothe the naked, we are doing those things to Him.  I was making those brownies for HIM!  For Jesus!

So, would Jesus like my brownies? I decided to ask him about the brownies.  And you know what?  The quality of my brownies were not near as important to him as my desire to bless others, and the love and smiles I would take to those looking for something to eat.

I truly had a wonderful time downtown. I gave out the water bottles  and smiles at the end of the food line.  I only made 80 large brownies (120 had been my goal).    I think a miracle must have happened over night to those poor brown tiles.  People were going back for seconds!  I was told the brownies were delicious!

Later I helped hand out gloves and toiletries.  The folks were so grateful and gracious. And even more special, folks asked me to pray for them. I was able to encourage and pray for folks. I loved it!

I think Jesus does indeed like brownies that are make with love.

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