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I Wonder What Happened When Momma Went To Heaven?

December 31, 2009

I wonder what happened when Momma went to heaven?  As the song writer wrote, “I Can Only Imagine,” I can truly only imagine.  What was it like when she saw Jesus face to face?  As the beautiful and mellow, alto voice of Susan Russell sang Momma’s favorite song at her funeral, my mind did some imagining.

“Face to face with Christ my Savior,

Face to face – what will it be –

When with rapture I behold Him,

Jesus Christ who died for me?

What rejoicing in His presence,

When are banished grief and pain;

When the crooked ways are straightened,

And the dark things shall be plain.

Face to face! O blissful moment!

Face to face – to see and know;

Face to face with my Redeemer,

Jesus Christ who loves me so.


Face to face I shall behold Him,

Far beyond the starry sky;

Face to face in all His glory,

I shall see Him by and by.

by Mrs. Frank A. Breck

To come face to face with her Redeemer, Jesus Christ who loves her so!  To know the fulness of His love. To be in that loving Presence forever.  How awesome that would be!  I can only imagine.

I can imagine Momma (I’m the only one that sometimes called her Momma) arriving in heaven seeing flowers and beauty that cannot be described in human terms. Perhaps she felt a little fear at meeting her LORD and Savior for the first time face to face, but I can imagine open arms enveloping her with love, saying, “Welcome home, my daughter, my faithful servant. You have done well.”

I can see in my mind’s eye, my mother experiencing love greater than she has ever known before.  Total acceptance. All fear washed away. All concern about her appearance vanished in the overwhelming love of Jesus.

I can imagine Momma looking down and seeing her beautiful white robe.  Did Momma reach up and feel thick hair? What color was it? What was the length?  No more wigs for Momma!  I can see those legs that have not carried her weight in many years dancing with joy; arms raised in praise to her God.  Oh, what a day I can imagine!

During my mother’s last years her mind slowly was taken away by dementia.  One of her friends, a minister, Rev. Jack Corry, a widower himself and a friend of the family would call her and say, “Daisy, I’m going to be preaching next week. I need your prayers.”  And Momma would pray!  Then after the meeting was over,  Jack would call Momma and tell her just how her prayers were answered.

One day Jack had called Momma after her conversations had become somewhat muddled and confused.  “Daisy, I need you to pray.”  Momma promised to pray.  And then Momma told me what happened next. She lay in her bed at the facility where she resided and asked Jesus to show her how to pray for her friend, Brother Jack. Momma was lying on her side and she said she felt Jesus’ arms go around her and she felt Him holding her close in His loving presence. She said that Jesus made her mind clear, and He gave her the words to say, so she could pray for Jack.  She told me that Mr. Corry called later and said there had been a mighty answer to prayer.

The last words any family member heard her say, My sister had stopped by mother’s room in the nursing home, explaining to Momma that my sister’s husband, Binion, was not well and had been placed in the same nursing home as our momma.  Now, Momma usually did not recognize her own children when they visited. But that day there was a window of clarity.  Momma said, “Well, we need to pray for him, don’t we?”  And then Momma prayed . . . for Binion . . .  by name.  My sister, Gwen, was so touched by Mother’s sweet and precious prayer.  Somehow, when my Mother communicated with the Lord, He would give her clarity of mind so that she could pray. Of course, the Lord always understood her thoughts however muddled they may be, but He would cause her to pray so that we could understand her too.  The results were always amazing.

I’m seeing Momma with that joyous smile, those twinkling eyes, and a clear mind looking at Jesus!

In loving memory of Daisy Moon 1917-2009

Remember to keep the porch light on in heaven, Momma, for your children will be coming home some day.

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