Does Jesus like Brownies?

Among the churchy crowd, I’m known as the brownie lady.  Folks really dig my brownies as the most delicious, scrumptious, chocolaty and yummy concoctions they have every put in their mouths (well, maybe not that good, but good). They long for my secret recipe.  Well, the truth is . . . the secret recipe is a box of restaurant style brownie mix.    Now, I will no longer be held in high esteem – as the truth about my baking skills has been exposed.

Today my goal was to help serve Thanksgiving Dinner to the homeless downtown.  I was going to contribute my killer-delicious brownies.  But I hadn’t had a chance to get the secret mix.  So Thursday night, I’m at walmart looking for brownie mix that might somehow resemble my honorable brownies.   Nope.  Not a chance.  But *name brand* had family size brownie mix on sale.  I bought five boxes.

Last night I discover I’m out of eggs. When I start to the store for eggs, I discover something under my windshield wiper.  A parking ticket  – a $150 fine!  Oh, NO!  I had parked in a handicap zone and did not have my plaque displayed.

Back home. With my mind on the $150 fine, I forgot to oil the bottom of the cake pans.  I set the timer, then forgot to turn the timer on.

Sometime later – I check the timer – it is not on.  I estimate it has been five minutes.  Obviously I’m not a good estimater.   Is there such a word as estimater?   I don’t know.  What I do know is that the brownies were cemented to the pans and I broke a plastic knife trying to loosen the edges.  I scratched the non-stick coating trying to dig out those brownie tiles.  I am wondering what a brown tile border would look like in the bathroom. Could you knock off a stray dog with one of these things?

I am praying that no one breaks a tooth on Saturday trying to eat one of these brownie tiles.

I tasted one of the brownies.  It had a slight fishy taste to it.  Oh my!  This is just awful!

Delicious, scrumptious, moist and heavenly these brownies were NOT!

The old me, the perfectionist, would  have thrown out the brownies, had a good cry, and probably would have been up all night cooking brownies from scratch from a recipe from a 1955 cookbook.  Did they have brownies back in 1955?  I dont’ know. But most folks didn’t use cake mixes.

Okay, closer to the truth would be that the old me would have thrown out the brownies, had a good cry, and given up.  Just decide that I could not go help the homeless because I was not perfect enough.

But, the new me, the free me, washed up the pans and the bowl and made some more brownies with the mixes I had bought – paying special attention to greasing the pans and making sure I turned on the timer.  And tried not to think about the$150 fine.

While they were cooking I was chating online with Skateboard Man (one of my favorite people) and suddenly the phone I had on top of the books on the top shelf of my desk fell.  The handset hit me in the head. The base knocked over a bowl of peanut hulls where I was happily depositing hulls as I noshed on roasted peanuts.  The phone base, the handset, and the bowl and all those hulls were all on the floor, littering my carpet!  And then the phone rang!

Dragon Slayer called to see how I was doing.  I said I was aggravated with myself, and told him about my brownies, the crash in the office with the phone and the peanuts, and the mess on the carpet, and the $150 fine!  And then . . . and then I started laughing.

As always, Dragon Slayer soothes the soul by saying I could talk to city hall and explain that I was qualified to park in the handicap, I just forgot to put my handicap plaque on my mirror.  And he thought my brownies were going to be just fine!  Because they were made with love!

After the call I thought about why I was making those brownies. And who those brownies were for – the homeless.  Jesus had said that when we give water to the thirsty, or feed the homeless, or clothe the naked, we are doing those things to Him.  I was making those brownies for HIM!  For Jesus!

So, would Jesus like my brownies? I decided to ask him about the brownies.  And you know what?  The quality of my brownies were not near as important to him as my desire to bless others, and the love and smiles I would take to those looking for something to eat.

I truly had a wonderful time downtown. I gave out the water bottles  and smiles at the end of the food line.  I only made 80 large brownies (120 had been my goal).    I think a miracle must have happened over night to those poor brown tiles.  People were going back for seconds!  I was told the brownies were delicious!

Later I helped hand out gloves and toiletries.  The folks were so grateful and gracious. And even more special, folks asked me to pray for them. I was able to encourage and pray for folks. I loved it!

I think Jesus does indeed like brownies that are make with love.

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26 Responses to “Does Jesus like Brownies?”

  1. Donald Howard Smith Says:

    LOL. Our God is an awesome God!
    Even when things weren’t going “exactly” as you had planned, still his loving protection was there for you. And I suspect a bit of humor as he watched you scrapping that pan trying to get the brownies out. 🙂

    This is great Jean! You really do have a gift with words. I am hoping that this will be another avenue of blessing for you.

    • thepassionateheart Says:

      Don, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Hadn’t thought about the Lord having humor as he watched me working on getting those cemented brownies out of the pan. LOL

      Thanks so much for the encouragement, Donny.

  2. Bob Stone Says:

    I loved this story, The work for the Lord can be trying sometime but in the end it will be worth it all. Keep on a working for the Lord.

  3. Carol (Miz Carol) Williams Says:

    I loved your little story Jean! It just goes to show that when we put our heart and soul into helping another…. we always get blessed in return!! Yes I think Jesus loves those brownies!

  4. Bill Says:

    Hi Jeannie Beamie!!

    Loved your new blog.

    Wish I lived closer to you so I could try out those brownies!!!

    God bless,


  5. Cindy from Wyoming Says:

    Loved your story, Jean I think mainly because this sort of thing happens to me all the time as recently as this morning. Thanks for the encouraging word.

  6. Esther Gene Morrison Says:

    Hi, Jean. Thanks for that humorous but very meaningful message. I can relate because I also made some brownies last night for a reunion and didn’t hear the timer go off. They weren’t as hard as yours but a little dry. I also thought about your calling about your ticket. I hope you have gotten that taken care of. Love you, Esther Gene

    • thepassionateheart Says:

      HI Esther Gene. I’m glad you enjoyed my story and got the message within it. I haven’t called about the ticket yet because I discovered it Friday night. Courthouse is not open on weekends. Hope you enjoyed your reuinion. I love you too!

  7. Esther Gene Morrison Says:

    I guess I’m too wordy. God bless you and I will make my comments shorter next time. I think they won’t send you that other message.

  8. Beverly Says:

    Thanks Jean! I loved your story. I loved it that you persisted and overcame the little ‘foxes’ that stood up in your way and you made those precious brownies!
    Yes, your brownie’s were made with a servan’ts heart and you sowed the most precious seed. I praise Jesus for you and ask him to bless the seed that his Kindgdom will grow because of you, the homeless centre and the brownies!!
    Love and blessings, Beverly

    • thepassionateheart Says:

      Beverly, Thank you! Your response is very encouraging. Thank you also for praying for the seeds that were sown to grow. There was a whole team of us down there sowing seeds. We meet outdoors in a plaza where the homeless like to gather. We minister to them with a worship team, and serve food. We also have clothing and other things that folks have donated that can be used by them. Some of these folks are sleeping under bridges or in cardboard boxes. They need hope and encouragement. They need to know that God loves them.
      Love, Jean

  9. thepassionateheart Says:

    Thank you! Your response is very encouraging. Thank you also for praying for the seeds that were sown to grow. There was a whole team of us down there sowing seeds. We meet outdoors in a plaza where the homeless like to gather. We minister to them with a worship team, and serve food. We also have clothing and other things that folks have donated that can be used by them. Some of these folks are sleeping under bridges or in cardboard boxes. They need hope and encouragement. They need to know that God loves them.
    Love, Jean

  10. Andrew Walter Allen Says:

    Great read! Thanks Jean.

  11. Mary James Says:

    Hey mama Jean,

    That was a great story. I am believing that ticket will be wipped away, because the truth will set it free lol. Love you so much!!!

    Blessings Mary

  12. Claudia Mair Burney Says:

    I’m craving one of your awful brownies, my friend. What a beautiful post. This year I had a disaster with my sweet potato pies. I felt awful about them, that is until I read this.

    You keep writing what’s in your heart to write, and let Jesus take care of the rest.


  13. Linda from CANADA Says:

    Hey Jean, I finally figured out how to get into your blog….first time too.
    I was breathless reading your brownie story but loved it. You REALLY do have a way with words and I thought I was good. You’re the tops. There’s nothing like expressing one’s self and letting it all hang out. Congrats and keep up the good work.
    Linda from Orillia, Canada

  14. Mary James Says:

    That was great! Very funny, made me laugh quitely because Glen is sleeping otherwise I would be laughing very loudly. Thanks I needed to laugh some more.

  15. Erwin Says:

    This was very well written, kept me interested and waiting to hear how the brownies came out.

    “The most important thing is the most important thing.”. In this case, God truly cares more about our willingness than our perception or expectations of the final results.

  16. Donald Howard Smith Says:

    Jean; You have an AMAZING! Gift. You should think of putting all of your material together and make a book if that has not already been suggested. Miss talking to you. 🙂

    • Jean Moon Says:

      Thank you, Donald. I need all the encouragement I can get. 🙂

      Actually, someone has suggested that I rewrite all these blogs and make them better, then put them in a book.

  17. PGR Says:

    HI Beamie

    Only someone whose heart brims with love can write such lovely blogs. They were hearwarming and hilarious at the same time. Everyone has experienced such situations. Recently I was fined 900 SR (about 250 dollars) just because I forgot to swith on lightone eveing. Thinking about and driving would have invited another fine for me. Sometimes, you just have to shrug it off. BTw, did you ultimately pay that fine?


    • Jean Moon Says:

      Hi PGR,

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m glad you got some laughs for laughter is good for the soul. Don’t you just hate it when you forget to do something that is normal for you to do, and you get caught with a fine?

      Yes, I had to go to several places to find the right place, but the Prosecuting Attorney for the city heard my explanation and saw that I did indeed have a placard (I took it in with me) and so he dropped the charges and the fine against me. I was so grateful!

      Now with your encouraging words, perhaps I will start to write my blog again even though I do not have your brainy brains to write like you. (smile)

      Much love,

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